Saturday, December 12, 2009

Would you like your suburb safer and cleaner?

Welcome to Residents Against Graffiti Everywhere (RAGE), an information website for state and local governments, community leaders, residents and schools.

It is with much frustration that residents and visitors to our beautiful city are confronted with graffiti in the city, suburbs, along road and rail infrastructure, industrial regions and worst of all , on monuments public buildings and other private property.

As concerns over the increasing prevalence of graffiti in Victoria rises, people are responding by working out solutions to this problem. RAGE is at the forefront of this battle and began as a response to increasing vandalism and graffiti in our state.

Feel free to send us your comments and share your ideas on this blog, and if you like, join in the battle to rid our cities and towns of graffiti and vandalism.

Thank you for visiting the RAGE website.
Steve Beardon - Founder Residents Against Graffiti Everywhere.